Here are all our ongoing and past projects

AI CUrES: ERC Proof of Concept grant to predict cancer metastasis

Start 1/11/2022, duration 18 months. ONGOING

ERC-2022-PoC call with GA 101081529, title: AI to predict Cancer metastasis using Ultra-Echo-Sono imaging

CRRT: Proof of concept for effective dose monitoring in dialysis

Start 16/05/2022, duration 9 months. ONGOING

LIFTT PoC Instrument, title: Current effective delivered dose monitoring for continuous renal replacement therapy

MITHoS: National research grant for theranostic nanosystems against multiple myeloma

Start 22/3/2022, duration 36 months. ONGOING

PRIN 2020, title: Multimodal Innovative THeranostic nanoSystem

XtraUs: ERC Proof of Concept grant to prevent cancer recurrence

Start 1/3/2021, duration 20 months. CONCLUDED

ERC-2020-PoC call with GA 957563, title: “Fighting cancer relapse with remote activation of smart and targeted nanoconstructs”

TrojaNanoHorse: ERC starting grant to fight cancer with theranostic nanosystems.

Start 1/3/2016, duration 66 months. CONCLUDED

ERC StG 2015 call with GA 678151, title: ““Hybrid immune-eluding nanocrystals as smart and active theranostic weapons against cancer”  

MIMIC-KeY: FET Open grant to design artificial EV mimics to treat lysosomal bone metabolic disease.

Start 1/6/2021, duration 48 months. ONGOING

H2020-FET-OPEN-RIA-2020 call with GA N. 964386, title: A KEY to the Understanding of Extracellular Vesicles and Rational Design of MIMICKING Nanoparticles

MINT: Marie Curie Individual fellowship on multifunctional nanotheranostics against pancreatic cancer

Start 1/9/2019, duration 24 months. CONCLUDED

MSCA-IF with GA n. 842964, title: Multifunctional Immunocompatible NanoTheranostics to modulate tumor microenvironment and improve treatment monitoring: A double blow to pancreatic cancer

Nanopils: Proof of Concept for targeted drug delivery by means of nanoporous biomimetic vehicles

Start 1/7/2020, duration 12 months. CONCLUDED

LIFTT PoC Instrument, title: Vettore nanoporoso biomimetico per massimizzare l’efficacia terapeutica degli inibitori del proteasoma

U-Care: MEDICAL DEVICE for Urine Output MONITORING for prediction of Acute Kidney Injury


LIFTT Proof of concept – VV3TT 2018 POC Program